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All individuals in the Republic of Kosovo are equally entitled to protection of their fundamental human rights. These include, for example, a general protection against discrimination, an inherent right to life, freedom of expression and assembly, and many more.

However, members of minority communities in Kosovo might not be able to enjoy these fundamental rights in the same way as the majority population. Therefore, communities require additional rights to ‘level the playing field’. This second layer of protection for communities ensures that their members can take full advantage of their fundamental rights.

Community rights in Kosovo are guaranteed in a range of primary and secondary legislation, notably, the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and the overarching Law on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Communities and their Members in Kosovo (03/L-047), hereafter the Law on Communities, both of which cover community rights in broad terms. In addition, specialised laws have been passed to deal with particular issues at a more detailed level, notably, the Law on Education in the Municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo (03/L-068), the Law on the Use of Languages (02/L37), the Law on Local Self-government (03/L-040), the Cultural Heritage Law (02/L-88) and the Law on Special Protective Zones (03/L-039).

This section of the website aims to provide a clear and thorough overview of the legal rights of communities and their members. Rights are presented on an issue-by-issue basis, highlighting the most important provisions.


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