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Awareness-Raising and Public Information

The Office for Community Affairs raises awareness and provides public information on community issues both to majority and non-majority communities.

When addressing non-majority communities, the goal of the Office is to:

1.    Increase community members’ knowledge of their rights and the responsibilities of the various institutions responsible to implement these rights.
The Office for Community Affairs believes that the involvement of non-majority communities in the monitoring of the implementation of their rights by the government is an essential contribution to ensuring the respect for community rights. Increasing awareness of non-majority communities is a pre-requirement to such government oversight by communities themselves.

2.    Enhance community members’ trust in the Government by providing direct information to communities on governmental activities aiming at promoting and protecting rights of communities. The Office for Community Affairs wants to increase the visibility of government actions for communities, so that communities’ trust in the government will increase.

With regards to majority communities, the Office for Community Affairs conducts activities aiming to raise majority community members’ awareness of non-majority community identities and the specific concerns that they face in their every-day life. The objectives are to foster tolerance and understanding among communities.



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