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Funding of Projects Addressing Community Needs

The Office for Community Affairs (OCA) is allocated a budget every year that it has to use strategically to support projects for communities. Strategically means that this fund should:

Another essential aspect is the role the OCA plays in fundraising from other donors to ensure the implementation of critical projects for communities. When the Office identifies a project of particular importance, it contacts other institutions and donor organizations and attempts to convince them to invest some of their funds in the realization of this project. In 2009, the Office raised over 1.3 million Euros fund for community projects.

In this section, you will find information on the programming priorities of the Office, i.e. the areas or issues the Office wishes to address through the use of its fund, the calls for proposals issued by the Office, including text enunciating the objective of each call, application forms and budget templates, and finally, the Project Fact Sheets which provide detail and concise information on each projects funded in the past or being currently implemented.


Project funded by Office for Community Affairs