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Development and Evaluation of the Implementation of Legislation and Policies

The Office for Community Affairs is responsible for ensuring that the development of legislation and policies respect and integrate rights and interests of communities.

The Republic of Kosovo is currently undergoing an intense process of primary legislation drafting in order to replace all UNMIK legislation with Kosovo laws, as well as to ensure the compatibility of the legal framework with the acquis communautaire. Throughout this process, the Office aims to ensure that rights and interest of communities are considered and integrated. To achieve these goals, the Office for Community Affairs analyzes the yearly Legislative Strategy, as well as annual working plans of line ministries, and engages in working groups formed to draft laws and bylaws impacting on communities. The Office provide comments and suggestions to working groups to ensure the coherence of the developing legal framework with the provisions of the Constitution, international instruments applicable in Kosovo, as well as the overarching Law on the Promotion and Protection of Communities and their Members and sectoral laws.

With regards to evaluation, the Office conducts regular analysis of the impact and adequacy of legislation and policies to address community concerns. The Office for Community Affairs through direct contact with communities, monitoring of media reporting and analysis of publications from various sources, indentify current issue of communities, conduct further analysis and produce recommendations to address one situation, which are either addressed to the Prime Minister or relevant governmental bodies. In addition, once a year, the Office conducts an in-depth research - Policy Studies, on one particular sector of community rights protection. Policy Studies provide a basis to advocate for the development or modification in legislation or policy.


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