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The new Office for Community Affairs was introduced by the Prime Minister in his speech to the Security Council in January 2008, where he indicated that he would establish a coordinating body for community issues within his Office.
An entity within the Prime Minister’s Office that addressed community issues was originally mandated within Regulation No. 2001/19 on the Executive Branch of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Kosovo, which authorized an Advisory Office on Communities within the Prime Minister’s Office. The mandate of this Office was one of monitoring, reviewing and informing as well as proposing policy guidelines for the rights and interests of communities.This office did function within the PMO but was moved into the Ministry of Communities and Returns upon its creation. Within the MCR, the Office of Community Affairs served as a coordinating body that promoted an integrated and comprehensive approach for the protection of non-majority communities.

The idea for a coordinating office for communities’ related issues reemerged in 2006 and was included as a proposal for a coordination unit within the PMO in the early drafts of the Kosovo Framework Document on the Protection of the Rights of Communities. This document provided the position of the Kosovo Delegation on community issues in the status negotiation process. The unit was envisioned to coordinate activities relevant to communities across all appropriate government actors, evaluate the effectiveness of measures undertaken by individual agencies and encourage the receipt of international assistance in relation to community programming. The concept for this coordinating unit however was not included in the final version of the Framework Document that was submitted to Maarti Ahtisaari. 

In early in 2008 the Prime Minister took the initiative to become more directly involved and he created the Office for Community Affairs.


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